Compomotive Technology System (CTS)

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Compomotive Technology System (CTS)

Compomotive Technology System All Compomotive motorsport wheels are manufactured entirely in our company's own production plant in Wolverhampton in the U.K. All operations are completed under one central control in the Compomotive Technology System. (CTS).

This unique production system has been developed over 3 decades and integrates the whole manufacturing process from:

  • CAD/CAM design
  • Selection from prime quality aluminium
  • Precision mould making
  • Low pressure casting
  • Careful packing
  • Comprehensive stock facility

The latest innovations in inner rim technology mean safety and reliability.

Perfect casting uniformity from state of the art spark erosion equipment.

All castings tested in purpose built spectrograph and x-ray equipment.

Pressure testing ensures each wheel is guaranteed not to be porous.

Manufactured from the finest quality primary grade aluminium alloy, heat-tested to optimum hardness to ductility ratio - quality and excellence assured.

Finished in purpose built paint plant with multi stage pre-treatment and chromatic baths providing a perfect key for the durable powder paint finish.

CNC wheel turning and drilling capability sets industry standards, enabling us to also produce specialist and prototype wheels in individual and batch quantities.

Wheels are independently tested and certified to ensure the optimum strength to weight ratio is achieved.

The combination of world class technology and dedicated skills and experience of Compomotive staff means that quality and excellence is assured.

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